April 10, 2019

10 Ways To Unwind And Recharge Your Educator Batteries - PPD049

10 Ways To Unwind And Recharge Your Educator Batteries - PPD049

Need to unwind and recharge? Looking for some ideas on how to do that? Join us as we discuss 10 ways to unwind and recharge your educator batteries.

Featured Content

  1. Read
  2. Play with your own kids
  3. Play Golf
  4. Go for a run/walk outside – geocaching
  5. Get lost in anything other than education
  6. Watch sports
  7. Meditate (use the Calm app or Calm.com-its free for educators!)
  8. Journal/morning pages
  9. Exercise/Work out

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Stacey: Essential Oils Solutions with doTERRA—Podcast – The Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA podcast is focused on providing education about new and fun ways of using essential oils. If you want to keep track of what you learned today, or to use this podcast in a class, download the accompanying worksheet by clicking the button below.

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