June 21, 2017

5 Things You Can Do for Summer PD - PPD010

5 Things You Can Do for Summer PD - PPD010

This is part three of our reflective and look-ahead series

This is part three of our reflective and look-ahead series. We now turn our attention and conversation to Summer 2017 and what we anticipate learning in the time we have away from school.

Featured Content

  • Reflect – Take time to think about your previous school year. Consider journaling about it and getting your thoughts on paper in order to make new things happen in the coming school year.
  • Attend a Conference – Find a local conference to attend this summer. We’re attending and presenting at a number of local conferences this Summer and we’d love to hear about your learning adventures too!
  • Grow by reading – Join AJ’s Ten Books in Ten Weeks Challenge! The challenge begins on June 26, 2017, and you can read the books that AJ is reading or choose your own books to grow from over the next ten weeks. Here’s AJ’s list:

  1. Drive by Daniel Pink
  2. Play Like A Pirate by Quinn Rollins
  3. Gamify Your Class by Matthew Farber
  4. Learn Like A Pirate by Paul Solarz
  5. Hacking PBL by Ross Cooper and Erin Murphy
  6. How to Personalize Learning by Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey
  7. Lead Like A Pirate by Shelly Burgess and Beth Houf
  8. Tribes by Seth Godin
  9. The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon
  10. You Are A Badass by Jen Sicero

  • Listen to Podcasts – Find podcasts that fit your interest level!
  • 15 Must-Listen Education Podcasts for Summer Vacation
  • Personal Growth – Learn something OUTSIDE your profession. Grow as a person. Accomplish a goal.
  • A Challenge For You. Do You Accept? – HoET065
  • Chris is going to lose weight and get healthy this summer!
  • Stacey is going to be working on some creative projects. They’re under wraps for now but stay tuned! She will also be training for a half-marathon!
  • AJ is looking forward to playing golf!

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What We Are Learning

AJ: The Yankees are AMAZING and are becoming MUST WATCH TV!

Chris: Been watching a lot of YT videos on the Edison bulb and DIY lamps and sconces. What’s an Edison bulb? So in the not too distant future, I will be making new lamps for our living room as well as wall sconces for the stairway in my house. I also hope to add a retro-looking or steam-punk style lamp to the studio here.

Stacey: Stacey is getting out of her comfort zone!

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