Oct. 4, 2017

Back to School Night Tips and Strategies - PPD015

Back to School Night Tips and Strategies - PPD015


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Back to school night is a sure sign that the school year is well underway and the gang shares their insight into approaching this event from the perspective of a teacher and as parents.

Featured Content

At Chris’ high school, BTSN is run as a fair where parents tour the building and the high school departments prepare presentations to overview their department. Parents and families are toured through the building via the school’s Peer Leaders and National Honor Society.

At AJ’s middle school, BTSN has parents move through their child’s schedule and AJ and his colleagues make 6-7 minute presentations to groups of parents.

For Stacey, she recalls her time in the 1st-grade classroom and how she was afraid of parents and can’t imagine repeating herself for multiple groups of parents.

Links, Resources, & Strategies

  • Tips for Improving Back to School Night
  • Create stations in your classroom for parents to move through.
  • Flip Back to School Night – create a video for parents to watch before they arrive.
  • SMILE! Have energy and be warm and welcoming.
  • Lose the slideshow and be authentic with parents.
  • Be Funny. If you’re not – TRY!

What Are We Listening To

Stacey: Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers episode 106

Chris: PodcastPD can also be heard on voicED.ca! Also, check out the #AssistLearning Podcast with Jennifer Cronk!

AJ: Inside Innovation from AJ Juliani & The Creative Classroom with John Spencer

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