Nov. 22, 2018

Divergent Edu with Mandy Froehlich - PPD040

Divergent Edu with Mandy Froehlich - PPD040


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Featured Content

Mandy Froehlich is a Director of Innovation and Technology from Wisconsin where she supports and encourages educators to create innovative change in their classrooms. Her passion lies in reinvigorating and re-engaging teachers back into their profession, including supporting teachers’ mental health and wellness, as well as what is needed to support teachers in their pursuit of innovative and divergent thinking in their classroom. She consults with school districts around the country in the effective use of technology to support great teaching, creating a culture of support for innovation and divergent thinking, and motivating teachers to re-engage in their profession. She’s the author of The Fire Within: Lessons From Defeat That Have Inspired a Passion for Learning. Her latest book is Divergent EDU: Challenging Assumptions and Limitations to Create a Culture of Innovation

Q: What does innovative teaching look like?

A: Innovation is a popular buzzword in education. Teachers all over the world are encouraged to be innovative and encourage their students to pursue innovative ideas and be innovative in their thinking.

Q: Tell us about your journey; what inspired you to write your books?

A: Started with an infographic- then called upon to help schools and districts use the Hierarchy for their own PD

Q: What led to the framework?

A: Conversations with teachers. Helping teachers become re-engaged. Leaving the classroom for a tech integrator role, working in different schools.

Q: What is innovation?

A: Common vocabulary can build climate and culture. George Couros – new, different, and better.

Q: What does your ideal PD opportunity look like? How do you go about receiving personal and professional development?

A: Edcamp model, the book Professionally Driven by Jarod Bormann

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