Jan. 19, 2022

Embracing and Managing Educator Burnout - PPD112

Feat. Amber Harper from Burned-In Teacher

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Amber Harper is an educator, author, speaker, and Teacher Burnout Coach whose mission is to activate teacher self-empowerment to help teachers beat burnout and live a happy, fulfilled life.

Amber is the author of Hacking Teacher Burnout and she is the host of the Burned-In Teacher Podcast where she provides actionable steps, inspiration, and support for teachers dealing with teacher burnout.


  • What’s the difference between feeling burned out vs just being tired?
  • What can leaders do to better support teachers?
  • Top tips for turning burnout into something else

Top tips for turning burnout into something else

1. Check your self-talk

  • Victim mentality - Believe things are happening to you
  • Knowing you will not get different results if you don’t do something different
  • BE, DO, HAVE!

2. Check your habits

3. Breathe

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Amber HarperProfile Photo

Amber Harper

Teacher/Teacher Burnout CoachAuthor/Podcaster

Amber Harper is a long-time educator, author, speaker, and podcaster. She’s the founder of www.burnedinteacher.com and author of Hacking Teacher Burnout which gives struggling teachers a path to follow as they navigate their way out of burnout. Amber is a Teacher Burnout Coach working with educators to help them grow through their burnout and take their next, best steps toward what they want from their career in education and in life.