April 13, 2022

GRIT & Accountability in Education - PPD118

Jake Thompson of Compete Every Day Lifts Up Educators

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Jake Thompson is the founder of Compete Every Day and your Chief Encouragement Officer! A show designed to help driven people build a winning mindset, so they can build their winning life. 

Jake’s goal is to help you be GREAT! Join the Compete Everyday Podcast to help you re-discover a strong mindset as well as find the skills you need to win your career, training, and life. 

Topics Discussed:

What is GRIT and Accountability?

  • Grateful, Reps, Inspire, Tenacity

Be mindful and focus on the PRESENT

Be intentional

Shift your thinking

  • "Have to" vs "Get to"
  • Busy vs Productive

How can Educators fit into the Compete Every Day model and mindset?

  • Classroom Culture - We MUST be a team!
  • Consider how we can support each other and be a team!
  • How are you asking yourself questions?
  • How will you respond?
  • Are you a victim or a victor?


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Jake ThompsonProfile Photo

Jake Thompson

Performance Coach

Jake Thompson is a keynote speaker who teaches teams how to build grit, accountability, & compete every day for success!

Jake works with organizations and individuals around the country, teaching how they can develop accountability, mental resilience, and leadership skills in order to achieve more in their careers and in their life.

It’s through his entrepreneurial sales experience and research that he’s discovered how people who harness a competitive mindset against their own previous best can reach their goals, commit to action over motivation, and create the influence as the leader they were created to be.