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JP Prezzavento

Educator. Storyteller. Speaker.

JP Prezzavento currently serves the Fox School District in Arnold, MO as the Communication & Instructional Technology Coordinator, or as he likes to refer to himself, the district’s Chief Storyteller. In this role, JP is responsible for sharing the voices and stories and good news from the 18 schools in the District. Prior to this role, JP served as the Instructional Technology Coordinator for 6 years, during which he led professional development around technology integration for teachers in his district and around the Midwest. Additionally, JP served as a high school ELA teacher for 8 years. JP is passionate about leveraging technology to amplify the voices of students and staff members in his community. You can connect with JP on his podcast, The Bits & Bytes of Education and on Twitter and Instagram @jpprezz.

June 20, 2019

Building a Brand and Telling Your School's Story - PPD054

Featured Content In our final regular episode for the school year we connect with JP Prezzavento of the Bits and Bytes of Education Podcast ( @bitsandbytesedu on Twitter). He shares his transition from Instructional Technolog...

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