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Melissa Groff

Director of Operations, Lead Consultant

Melissa is a highly experienced educator with a passion for creating proactive school cultures through the implementation of restorative practices, leadership coaching and mentorship, and job-embedded coaching. Additionally, Melissa's efforts showcase her strong commitment to mental health support for both students and staff, emphasizing the crucial role of a safe and supportive environment in schools.

With nearly two decades of experience in the field, she has honed her skills in conducting comprehensive needs assessments, crafting effective strategic plans, and delivering the necessary support to facilitate the development of a proactive culture within the school community. With a strong commitment to education and a passion for supporting school communities, Melissa now serves as the Director of Operations and a Lead Consultant for High Five, formerly The Restorative Group and Behavior Flip.

March 1, 2023

Strategies for Overcoming Obstacles in Education - PPD125

Dr. Melissa Groff recently left her Principal position and shares her story.

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