March 12, 2020

How to Improve American Education - PPD066

How to Improve American Education - PPD066
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Featured Content

Back in December 2019, the New York Times asked students to weigh in on how to improve the American education system.

Their prompt received nearly 300 comments. Improving education was clearly a subject that many teenagers were passionate about. The student who were interviewed offered a variety of suggestions on how they felt schools could be improved to better teach and prepare students for life after graduation.

AJ and Chris comment discussed the following:

  • Put less pressure on students
  • Use less technology in the classroom (…or more)
  • Prepare students for real life
  • Eliminate standardized tests
  • Give teachers more money and support
  • Make lessons more engaging
  • Create better learning environments
  • Support students’ families
  • De-emphasize grades
  • Praise for great teachers

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