Jan. 31, 2017

How We Learn & Welcome Back! - PPD001

How We Learn & Welcome Back! - PPD001

How do you learn?

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PodcastPD is back! AJ, Chris, and I are so happy to be creating this podcast for you. As you will learn in this episode this new podcast is a little different from the original #PodcastPD Twitter chat.

Our goal with the podcast is to provide you with the PD you’re not getting in your faculty meetings or another district's professional development.

We would be honored if you would subscribe to the podcast and include us in your podcast listening schedule. Look for a new episode every few weeks!

Featured Content

In this episode, Chris, AJ and I discuss the origin of #PodcastPD (it all started with a little blog post), the resulting Twitter chat, our expectations for professional development, topics we might explore in coming episodes, and how we like to learn best.

What’s PodcastPD About?

PodcastPD is a bi-monthly show where your hosts will come together to discuss some hot topics in education, the professional development we are taking part in within our districts, as well as the topics and areas of discussion we are leading for others.

How We Learn

As with many of you, there is no one way that Chris, AJ, and I learn. We use myriad methods to inform our practice and improve ourselves both professionally and personally. Chris and AJ learn by doing and taking part in demonstrations. An emphasis is placed on teaching and movement. I, on the other hand, will soak up new information I am interested in any way it is delivered; be it a book, podcast, or anything on the internet. Just don’t ask us to sit through a boring panel discussion!

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