Dec. 19, 2018

Inside Student Teaching with Luke Wiley - PPD042

Inside Student Teaching with Luke Wiley - PPD042


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Luke Wiley has earned his BA in History with minor studies in American studies at Rutgers University. Currently, he’s in his 5th year, earning his Masters in Education and he’s currently student teaching, with me, as I’ve mentioned previously.

He’s a member of the Rutgers University Track and Field Team where he is a distance runner.

Topics Discussed

  • Why a career in education?
  • Describe the coursework you received prior to your ST experience
  • Something that’s come up in the actual classroom that your classes didn’t prepare you for?
  • Challenges of student teaching?
  • Any fear or reservation going into this experience?
  • Something you haven’t tried yet in the classroom?
  • Important takeaways?
  • Positive or Negative
  • Do you feel prepared for your first job?

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