Sept. 26, 2018

Lesson Planning: Attention and Reflection - PPD036

Lesson Planning: Attention and Reflection - PPD036

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We continue our conversation from Episode 35, as we discuss the finer details of lesson planning: grabbing student attention and reflecting on the lesson.

Grab & Maintain Student Attention

  • Use random selection in calling upon students (pop sticks, give warning)
  • Vary who you call on and how you call on them (plan for who you will call on, fertilize the conversation)
  • Ask questions before calling on a student; wait at least five seconds for a response, allow for second wait time
  • Be animated; show enthusiasm and interest (vegas lounge act, humor)
  • Vary instructional methods
  • Provide work of appropriate difficulty
  • Demonstrate and model the types of responses or tasks you want students to perform
  • Provide guided practice for students; monitor responses and deliver immediate corrective feedback

Reflection on Your Lesson

  • Summarize the lesson and focus on positive gains made by students; use surprise reinforcers as a direct result of their good behavior
  • Determine if the lesson was successful; were goals accomplished? How do you know?
  • What would/could you do differently?

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