Jan. 15, 2020

Merry New Year! Setting Goals in 2020 - PPD063

Merry New Year! Setting Goals in 2020 - PPD063

Welcome to 2020!

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Welcome to 2020! Stacey, AJ, and I are back and ready to bring you another year of PodcastPD! In this episode, we speak about our goals and goal setting in the new year.

Featured Content

We discussed:

  • Setting Goals as an Educator:
  • Why Set Goals?
  • How to set goals?
  • Don’t Plan the Whole Year, Yet (5 AM Miracle)
  • Reflect on Your Past Successes (5 AM Miracle)
  • Take Your Health Seriously (5 AM Miracle)
  • Keep it Simple (5 AM Miracle)
  • Our 2020 Goals
  • AJ → GO Embrace work/life balance, Be a better leader, Workout 4-5 x week, read 12 books, CREATE.
  • Stacey → One Word- COMMIT…Commit 30, Hyperdoc
  • Chris → Stop worrying about other people…2 parts.


What We’re Listening To

AJ: The Wired Educator Podcast w/ Kelly Croy – Episode 151: Resolutions Every Educator Should Make for 2020.

In this episode of The Wired Educator Podcast, Kelly shares 20 resolutions for 2020 that he believes will help every educator, administrator, and school district to level-up and impact lives. This episode is based on a blog post that Kelly shares every year at www.WiredEducator.com.

This podcast episode contains 20 Resolutions Kelly believes will help you and your school level-up and make an even greater impact.

Which resolutions challenge you? Which ones are you crushing?

Chris: Podcast Talent Coach with Erik K. Johnson – Have you ever had the desire to start your own podcast? The itch to spread your message to the world? Many people get ready to record their podcast only to discover the impostor syndrome. They hear that little voice inside their head asking, “Who do you think you are?” They feel like the kid trying to sit at the adult table during the holiday feast. They feel like they are playing dress-up.

Podcast Talent Coach is dedicated to the art and show business of podcasting. Our coaching style is personal. We treat every client as if we are part of the show. Other companies may offer services that teach the technical side of podcasting. Podcast Talent Coach is the premier coaching service focused on the personal side of the art of podcasting.

Stacey: Life Kit – Do This Today To Sleep Well Tonight – Don’t Count Sheep: Better Bedtime Rituals Think Your Way Out Of Insomnia

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