Jan. 27, 2021

Mindful Educators #PodStudy Discussion - PPD092

Erin and Dave Tashian - The Mindful Educators Join the Show.

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Featured Content

Erin and Dave Tashian are the Mindful Educators and Stacey chose the first episode of their podcast, of the same name, as the first episode for our brand #PodStudy episodes.


Who Are The Mindful Educators?

Dave and Erin Tashian are veteran educators from New Jersey.


Erin, an 8th grade English teacher is also the founder of The Mindful Educators, a professional development program that fosters a mindful social-emotional experience for students. Erin has been named teacher of the year in Ridgewood, New Jersey, and has presented at many educational conferences.


Dave, a school counselor, is revered for his focus on creating a positive school culture through fostering connection and community. Dave recognizes the importance of creating a positive school culture and its impact on teacher effectiveness as well as student learning. Dave has been honored two times as his school district’s teacher of the year.


PodStudy Discussion

What inspired you to start your podcast and what keeps you inspired as you approach the start of year 3?


Your first show was in July 2019 and your three ways to incorporate mindfulness as educators were:

  • Pay attention and create an awareness of how you want to feel in the classroom
  • Watch and be aware of your connections Beyond academics
  • Practice self-care

Has this advice changed since then? If so, how? How can we update it for the 2020/21 school year? 


Here on PPD we like to assign homework, it’s how we keep the learning going. Which of your episodes would you recommend as optional homework/continued learning?


What is your preferred form of PD to get or give?


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