June 30, 2021

Mini Genius Hour with Dani Kennis - PPD101

Mini Genius Hour with Dani Kennis - PPD101

Dani Kennis talks about how she created and implemented Mini Genius Hour with her students.

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In episode 14 we spoke with Don Wettrick about Genius Hour and we’ve known for years how amazing this experience can be for students. But planning it and implementing it can be a daunting task.

In this episode, we’re speaking with a friend of the show Dani Kennis about how she created and implemented Mini Genius Hour with her students.


  • What is Genius Hour?
  • What is a Mini Genius Hour?
  • What elements from traditional genius hour did you include?
  • What will the beginning of the year look like with this project and experience?
  • What are the time constraints?
  • What did presentations look like?



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Dani KennisProfile Photo

Dani Kennis

Social Studies Teacher & EdTech Nerd

Dani is a high school Special Education Social Studies teacher in NY. She has presented at ISTE, NYSCATE, & EdCamps. She is passionate about creating inclusive classroom culture by engaging her students in social emotional learning. Dani has mastered the use of technology to foster strong relationships with her students. Her positivity is contagious and her desire to see all students succeed is evident in the way both students and colleagues describe her zeal for her profession. Dani is passionate about personal growth, learning, leading, and creating positive enduring change. She shares about her work and teaching on Twitter (@kennisdani) & Instagram (@stuckonedu).