Dec. 10, 2021

Remote Learning Strategies That Still Work In-Person - PPD110

What can we still use in our classrooms that worked during remote/virtual/hybrid learning?

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The COVID-19 Pandemic taught educators many valuable lessons. Teachers all over the world were forced to change how they taught students almost overnight. For months educators implemented new strategies and refined old ones to maximize our time with students in a variety of situations.

But now, as the world and education begin to return to "normal" we find ourselves faced with the decision of what to do with our new learning as teachers or what place these new skills have in our face-to-face classrooms.

Topics Discussed:

  • What did you do during the pandemic that worked and you're still doing or you've adapted to in-person learning?

Resources Mentioned:

  • Flathat - Flathat is an app with two core features. The first: A discrete social network providing a newsfeed similar to traditional social networks without data pillaging and privacy concerns. The second: A simple, channel-based communication platform allowing teachers, students, guardians, and administrators to more effectively collaborate.

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