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Top notch podcast

Thoughtful conversations with important topics.

Easy listen

Great show I enjoy the hosts. They have a great personality and are a pleasure to listen to.

Like a chat with 3 Teacher Buddies!

I love listening to AJ, Stacey & Chris chat about education. Their fun chemistry keeps it worthwhile regardless of the topic... but the topic normally serves as good PD for me anyhow!

Keep up the great work!

I enjoy the authentic conversation that Stacy, AJ, and Chris provide. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work! -@jpprezz

EdJustice League for the Win

If you’re not already subscribed to #PodcastPD then you’re missing one of the best educational podcasts out there! The hosts, Stacey Lindes, A.J. Bianco, and Chris Nesi bring the fun and learning to a whole new level. They are friends first and it shows with their amazing on-air chemistry. And more than friendship, they bring some great thought provoking ideas about Education and professional development that will help you rethink what’s important for you as an educator. My only complaint is that I can’t be there with them as they record because it just seems like a great place to be! Keep on bringing the great content and I’ll keep on sharing the excellent episodes & show with the world! Thanks! Derek Larson @lars3eb

A new format for PD!

What a great way to get PD over the airwaves! I can drive in my car or plug in a set of headphones and get quality professional development delivered right to me, no matter where I am. A.J., Chris, and Stacey are so much fun to listen to. The show is entertaining, informative, and inspiring all together!

Great Chemistry

Chris Nesi strikes again! This is another podcast that is informative and entertaining. This is a great listen for teachers and coaches who have a commute or planning period to spare.