Sept. 16, 2020

Scripted: An Educator's Guide to Media in the Classroom - PPD083

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Producing media in the classroom doesn’t have to be a daunting and overwhelming task for you or your students. Our guests in this episode are Bruce Reicher and Randy Tomes. They, along with Paula Neidlinger, wrote the book Scripted: An Educator’s Guide to Media in the Classroom (2020, EduMatch Publishing).




Bruce Reicher (@breicher) – has been an educator for 25 years. The past 14 years he’s been a middle school technology teacher. He is a proud Dad & Husband.


Paula Neidlinger (@pneid) – from Indiana, is a globally connected, 28-year middle school, veteran media and English educator, presenter, and author.


Randall Tomes (@RandallTomes1) – also from Indiana has been an educator for 25 years, teaches digital design & communication studies at the elementary level.


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Chris – Por Nuestros Niños Podcast – We would all do anything “Por Nuestros Niños,” For Our Children. We all understand that education is the vehicle that will propel them socioeconomically forward. Parents are children’s first teachers, and they’re the most important key to help them succeed. This radio broadcast and podcast introduces professors, teachers, and expert educators to U.S. Spanish speaking parents that want to understand how the U.S. public education system can best serve their bilingual children. The show shares tools, resources, and sage advice based on research and science to help children thrive in many languages.


Bruce – Live Inspired Podcast with John O’Leary – Expected to die, today he’s inspiring others to truly live.

World-renowned inspirational speaker + national bestselling author John O’Leary wants to help you wake up from accidental living so you can do, be, achieve and impact more through your life. Every Monday, John shares a quick burst of inspiration to help start your week on fire. Every Thursday, John interviews an amazing guest on their story, successes, failures, lessons, and life to help you uncover tips to apply in yours.


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