Aug. 9, 2017

Summer 2017 Update Show - PPD011

Summer 2017 Update Show - PPD011


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Summer 2017 is more than halfway over. As the sun sets on our 2017 fun, Chris, AJ, and I share some updates about our Summertime learning and look ahead to what we plan to explore during the first quarter of the school year.

Featured Content

  • AJ fills us in on his #10bks10wks challenge-so far he has read DriveYou Are a Badass, and Tribes. On deck is The Energy Bus. For more details about these books and why AJ picked them, listen to episode 10!
  • Chris is dropping the pounds and is committed to improving his health, though waking up at 5 AM is no fun!
  • Stacey is increasing her mileage and putting the run back into iruntech. She may or may not run the Perfect 10, and is already signed up for a half in 2018 (could there be more than one?). Stacey also vows to complete her creativity project by the start of the school year; end of August/beginning of September.

Links and Resources

What Are We Listening To

AJ: Cult of Pedagogy and getting excited about the StartEdUp Podcast

Chris: 30 for 30 Podcast from ESPN

Stacey: Thoroughly Considered Episode 12: The Conference Racket

What We Are Learning

AJ: #10bks10wks

Chris: How to build a charging station for his classroom

Stacey: Know Me Before You Teach Me and EdcampLDR-how to flip the faculty meeting and using hyperdocs instead of a faculty handbook

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