Sept. 30, 2020

Teaching in Magenta: Joy & Well-Bring in Education - PPD084

What does it mean to teach in magenta?

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What does it mean to teach in magenta?


Magenta is bold, it’s vibrant, and the color holds noble qualities. Teaching in Magenta means creating magnificent school days. It’s a refreshing approach to teaching and leading that puts your joy and well-being first so you can share those attributes with your students.

Veteran teacher and author James Sturtevant shares 100 paths for living and teaching in an authentic, enthusiastic, and relevant way. Take a few minutes each day to read a path or two, and gain energy and ideas that you can put into action the same day.




Connect with James Sturtevant:


How did you overcome the fear and the little voice in your head when considering K-12 retirement?


Which of the sections resonates most with you as an educator?


The biggest takeaway from the book?


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James Sturtevant recommends:


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