March 10, 2021

The Peg Doesn't Fit - PodStudy #2 - PPD095

Erich Stephen and Ryan Bartel from The Peg Doesn't Fit

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Featured Content

Erich Stephen and Ryan D. Bartel, co-hosts of The Peg Doesn't Fit, join us for our second #PodStudy discussion. AJ recommended listening to episodes 15 and 17 of their podcast where they each talk about their dream school.

About the Podcast

The Peg Doesn’t Fit - The world of education continues to try to operate in the confines of an antiquated system. Despite its flaws, solutions continue to be offered that adds to an increasingly convoluted system that continues to resist change. Join us as we talk about our frustrations and attempt to provide solutions.

Discussion - Erich and Ryan's Dream Schools


  • Standards
  • Curriculum
  • Remote Learning, after the Pandemic
  • Community Day - Realworld Activities
  • Feeder Programs for MS/HS
  • Grading and Skills over Content


  • Interoperable
  • Interdisciplinary
  • International
  • Start with the end in mind - what does the ideal graduate look like? What do they need when they leave school?
  • Learning maps and Badges through Portfolios
  • Student internships
  • Budget with community support and contribution
  • Planning, PLC time, Workload


What Are We Listening To?

Chris shared: The Dumb Dad Podcast - It's pronounced Dad, the "dumb" is silent. Comedians Kevin Laferriere and Evan Kyle Berger are just a couple of dads trying to have a little fun along the way. We believe the only way to erase the stigma that Dumb Dads get painted with is to parent harder, not dumber.


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