March 27, 2019

The Socratic Oath - PPD048

The Socratic Oath - PPD048

Matt Daly from the Academy of Professional Teachers joins us to share the Socratic Oath that he and John Madden developed.

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  • Matt Daly has been teaching and coaching for over 15 years. He is an Instructional Leader, Educational Consultant, Writer, and Speaker. He holds degrees in English and Secondary Education from Providence College, an MFA in Creative Writing: Poetry, and has Supervisory Certification in Instruction. Matt lives in New Jersey with his wife, also a teacher, and his three daughters.
  • Socratic Oath
  1. I will design lessons and assessments that allow for personalization of learning for my individual students.​
  2. I will promote learning experiences that consider the capabilities of my students, and challenge them to grow and develop their abilities. #SocraticOath #Teachers
  3. I will be consistent in my dedication to the practice of teaching, and in upholding the ideals of competent and quality pedagogies.
  4. I will build and model a sense of community within my classroom to help students become empathetic contributors to society.
  5. I will seek equity and justice for my students, not only in their daily lives, but in the education they are provided, encouraging them to pay those ideals forward, and to advocate for both themselves and others.
  6. I will ensure that my students are engaged in worthy pursuits, that foster curiosity, and take into account their own interests, experiences, and challenges.
  7. I will remain an active learner, seeking out more effective strategies and implementing them in my classroom, observing colleagues and encouraging observation in my classroom as well, in order to collaborate and progress as teachers.
  8. I will provide a safe environment for my students, at both an emotional and educational level, allowing them to develop the experimentation and resilience they will need outside of my classroom.
  9. I will endeavor to retain my influence within my school, district, and department, adding my voice to the design and implementation of instruction and curriculum.
  10. I will be open to the collaborative exchange of ideas with my colleagues regarding what we do in our classrooms, providing strong and useful feedback, for mutual gain.

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