Aug. 18, 2021

Tips & Tricks for First-Year Teachers (Part I) - PPD102

A must listen for first-year teachers!

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Teaching is not an easy job. You will hear this from most teachers no matter how much experience they have. For many who enter this profession the first year is the toughest and most challenging. Think about it. You're fresh out of school perhaps your only meaningful teaching experience was during your student teaching experience which was probably 14-16 weeks.

In this episode, we discuss and share tips and tricks for the first-year teacher with the hope that your first year might go just a little bit smoother.

And don't worry...episode 103 will contain part two!

Topics Discussed:

  • Classroom Management
  • Time Management

Tips & Tricks from Social Media:

  • Sean Scanlon (@polonerd) - Don’t hesitate to ask questions from veteran teachers and don’t try to do too much.  You can’t do everything the first year.
  • Jessica Verrault (@JessicaVerrault) - Don’t hesitate to ask questions or to ask someone to teach you to do or use something that could really benefit your students.  Also, don’t be afraid to share your own ideas.
  • Dr. Kim Ramadan (@KimRamadan) - Find positive educators to be your “people”. Practice self-care. Ask for help.
  • Ruth Replogle (@ruthreplogle) - 1. Find a mentor. If your school does not assign you one, find somebody who will answer your questions, show you where to get supplies, and navigate the school's culture. 2. Get plenty of sleep. You can't get too much.
  • Shanna Martin (@smartinwi) - Be yourself! Kids can see right through you if you are not genuine.
  • Rafranz Davis (@RafranzDavis) - It’s ok to put your own mental health first. It’s ok to prioritize yourself once you leave that campus. In other words, don’t take your work home with you.
  • Tim Belmont (@tbelmontedu) - 1. Go easy on yourself. It’s not going to be perfect. 2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice. 3. Keep your life outside of school a priority.
  • Ryan Gutsch (@BBTtrivia) - Try your best to separate work and home. Leave school mail off your phone.
  • Dan Whalen (@whalen) - 1. Take care of yourself: sleep, hydrate, eat as best as you can. 2. Be kind to yourself if you don’t follow rule 1. 3 hours of sleep and a piece of cake from the lounge for lunch will happen. Just reset tomorrow 3. Smile and have fun w your kids. The rest will come with time.
  • Cindy Assini (@cindyAssini) - You can be effective while having work-life boundaries! Lean on colleagues and prioritize. More work at the expense of healthy habits is not better; part of our jobs is teaching/leading through example by being a healthy, whole human. Nurture yourself physically, emotionally, socially, financially, and spiritually. In addition to doing what you enjoy, self-care looks like setting boundaries, getting a financial planner, and eating nourishing food.
  • Rich Czyz (@RACzyz) - Find the person that will support U, motivate U, and help U through year 1! It may not be ur grade level or dept colleagues or even someone in ur own school. Don’t be afraid to connect w/ others outside your school. And always take charge of your own PD! 12 days of Secret Sauce tips
  • Oona Abrams (@oonziela) - Don’t be like I was in 1996. SMILE EVERY DAY AND OFTEN!

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