April 18, 2018

#TryPod 2018: 30 Days of Stacey

#TryPod 2018: 30 Days of Stacey
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Featured Content

#TryPod is all about sharing and discovering new podcasts via Twitter or anywhere you use hashtags. Stacey embarked on a 30-day quest to share at least one recommendation between March 10th and April 10th 2018. She Periscoped her recommendations each day and we’ve collected them all here for your listening, learning, and podcast discovering pleasure!

  1. Another Mother Runner – Episode 302: The Lowdown on Feeling Rundown
  2. UP First – NPR
  3. Ask Me Another – NPR
  4. How I Built This – NPR
  5. Cult of Pedagogy – Episode 70: How HyperDocs Can Transform the Way You Teach
  6. What Should I Read Next
  7. By the Book
  8. Hacking Engagement
  9. House of #EdTech
  10. Pen Addict
  11. PotterCast
  12. Techmeme Ride Home
  13. TeachonomyTalks with Chuck Poole
  14. The Story Behind
  15. Making Obama
  16. Podsave America
  17. A Teacher’s Journey with Brian Costello
  18. Wow in the World
  19. Ungeniused
  20. Future Focused Podcast – Kelly Croix
  21. The Sketchnote Army Podcast
  22. SERIAL – NPR
  23. RS-Town – NPG
  24. The Art of Manliness
  25. Teachercast
  26. The 1-3-20 Podcast
  27. StartEDUP
  28. Note to Self
  29. THIS ONE! PocastPD

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