Oct. 27, 2021

Unlocking Talent within Every School Leader - PPD107

Daniel Bauer, Chief Ruckus Maker from Better Leaders Better School joins us!

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Daniel Bauer helps school leaders fight isolation and frustration via a leadership community in order to gain clarity and find solutions to their greatest challenges. He is the founder and host of the Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast and the author of The Better Leaders Better Schools Roadmap: Small Ideas That Lead to Big Impact (2018).

Daniel recently released his latest book, Mastermind: Unlocking Talent Within Every School Leader. In this book, Daniel discusses how a lack of mentorship and coaching is a leading reason for leader attrition in education, but it doesn’t have to be this way. If it’s true that "Everyone wins when the leader gets better," then your community is counting on you to prioritize your own professional growth – so that YOU get better.

What We're Listening To

Daniel - Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast - created for RUCKUS MAKERS in education -- those out-of-the-box school leaders making change happen. Launched in 2015, this category-defining podcast in educational leadership has helped over 1 MILLION leaders LEVEL UP. Each week host DANIEL BAUER has a conversation with a leadership expert and invites you to listen in. Turn your commute, chores, or workout into professional development, and then GO MAKE A RUCKUS!



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Daniel BauerProfile Photo

Daniel Bauer

Chief Ruckus Maker

Daniel Bauer is an unorthodox Ruckus Maker who has mentored thousands of school leaders through his Better Leaders Better Schools blog, books, podcasts, and powerful coaching experiences.

Mastermind: Unlocking Talent Within Every School Leader is a book that reimagines what professional development for school administrators looks like in order to meet the needs of all school leaders who currently feel isolated and overwhelmed.