Nov. 5, 2020

Virtual Learning: Connecting with Colleagues - PPD087

How are you connecting with colleagues?

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How are you connecting with colleagues during these uncertain times in education?


This episode is part-3 of our series on Virtual Learning. Be sure to check out episode 85 and episode 86 for conversations on connecting with students and connecting with families.


Stacey shared that she started a Hybrid Mastermind group with her colleagues to address the unique needs of the teachers she works with.


She is also in contact with colleagues via group texting.


Chris talked about chatting with his colleagues on Google Chat during the day as well as more leisurely contact through a fantasy football league with some colleagues.


During the Spring of 2020, Chris and his colleague Bowtie Joe hosted a weekly show via StreamYard to foster communication and community among their colleagues.


What We’re Listening To


Chris – Throughline – The Electoral CollegeHow We VoteThe Most Sacred Right






Anabel Gonzalez – Connect with families using Remind


Derek Larson – Loves that we “go off the rails”


Louis Soper – Can relate to Chris and the challenges of connecting with families


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