Feb. 24, 2021

We're Not Smart Enough - PPD094

Pam Hubler joins for a conversation where we all consider how to overcome self-doubt.

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Pam Hubler is an Instructional Coach at Daniel Island School in Berkeley County South Carolina and a Google Certified Trainer. Pam has experience teaching K-8 special and general education as well as instructional & technology coaching.

Connect with Pam:

Pam wrote a blog post titled, The Lies We Tell Ourselves as Educators, and in this post, Pam reflects on a book she listened to called, Girl, Wash Your Face, by Rachel Hollis.

We spoke to Pam about some of the lies we tell ourselves as educators and how to change our mindset.

Resources Mentioned:

#PodStudy #2

On episode 95 of the podcast, we will be conducting PodStudy #2! AJ has recommended the podcast, "The Peg Doesn't Fit." The hosts, Erich Stephen and Ryan Bartel will join us to talk about the idea of the 'Dream School."

Listen to episodes 15 and 17 of their podcast before listening to ours.


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